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Friday, May 31, 2013

Macon County Planning Board May 30, 2013

Planning Board May 2013

The Macon County Planning Board met yesterday for it's regular monthly meeting. The main topic of discussion was the proposed Flood Plain Ordinance. A dozen people spoke against allowing fill in the flood plain.

Members of the board discussed NC Senate Bill 612, which, if signed into law, would render the current discussion moot because it would not allow the counties to pass regulations that are more stringent than state regulations. Some members of the public wanted the board to prohibit fill in the flood plain regardless of what the state did because they felt that the bill, if signed into law, would be overturned through litigation.

To keep track of the progress of the bill, click here. I have also embedded a copy of the text as it currently stands at the end of this article. 


The Franklin Press and Macon Media (me) were the only news media organizations that were present at the meeting.


I expect that this bill will pass the NC House and be signed into law and will successfully stand potential challenges in the state court system.


NC Senate Bill 612 Vote History
DateSubjectRCS #AyeNoN/VExc. Abs.Exc. VoteTotalResult
05/01/2013 2:23PMAmendment 1[S] - 23247102048PASS
05/01/2013 2:25PMAmendment 2[S] - 23345302048PASS
05/01/2013 2:39PMSecond Reading[S] - 234361202048PASS
05/02/2013 12:51PMAmendment 3[S] - 25447003047PASS
05/02/2013 12:52PMAmendment 4[S] - 25547003047PASS
05/02/2013 12:53PMThird Reading[S] - 256361103047PASS
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