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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Franklin Main Street Board Called Meeting 08-19-2014

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The Franklin Main Street Board held a called meeting to hear from Liz Parham, the Director of the Office of Urban Development, on what a successful Main Street Program is supposed to be doing.

This was the first Main Street Program meeting that I have covered because I have been told in the past that this board is not subject to open meeting laws and I was not welcome to record the meetings. This information was backed up by the town attorney, so I didn't bother. If you want more back story on this watch this video to hear what some of the merchants have been saying about the Main Street Board.

Linda Schlott, the previous Director of the Franklin Main Street Program, retired from her position and the job was split into two part time jobs, one of a Festival Coordinator, and the other of the Director of the Main Street Program. The former Director of the Main Street Program and is currently the festival coordinator for the town. Tony Angel is the new part time director of the program.

The meeting was almost three hours long, so I split it into three videos for easier processing and viewing.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

I have increased the audio of the last video because one of the board members would not speak loud enough to be heard.


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