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Friday, September 5, 2014

Congressman Mark Meadows and Tom Hill Debate at WCU

Meadows and Hill debate at WCU

Western Carolina University’s Public Policy Institute and Department of Political Science and Public Affairs sponsored a debate on the WCU campus between Congressman Mark Meadows and challenger Tom Hill last night and Macon Media was there to record it.

I've posted the full video and then broken it up into bite-sized portions and have posted them below so those of you who were unable to attend or watch online can see first hand what happened and make your own judgement about the proceedings.

I would like to acknowledge the public service of Western Carolina University, the Public Policy Institute and the Department of Political Science and Public Affairs, in particular Dr Chris Cooper and Dr Todd Collins for thier work in putting the debate together and Frank Fraboni of WLOS-TV for moderating the debate.

This one of three in a series of debates to be held on the WCU Campus this election season. Find out more about the series on the WCU website.

Question #1

If elected, what will be the first piece of legislation you will introduce and how will it affect the citizens of the 11th district?

Question #2

Is income inequality a problem, and what role, if any, should the US Congress play in alleviating the problem?

Question #3

Would you vote to raise the debt ceiling? Why or why not?

Question #4

How will you balance the claim of being fiscally responsible with bringing federal dollars to the district?

Question #5

Directed at Congressman Mark Meadows:

What was your role in the government shutdown?
If you had it to do all over again, is there anything you would change about that action?

Question #6

Directed at Tom Hill:

Why should the voters elect someone with your lack of experience in elected office and your relatively advanced age?

Question #7

What role, if any, should the US Congress have in stopping internetional terrorist organizations, such as ISIS?

Question #8

Is the Ukrainian situation a threat to the USA, if so, how should we respond?

Question #9

What should the role, if anything, of the US Congress in preventing tragedies and ensuing riots in situations like what recently happened in Ferguson, Missouri?

Question #10

Please clarify your position on the Affordable Care Act.

Question #11

What is your stance on fracking and what should the role of the US Congress be in the debate over fracking?

Question #12

Closing statements by the candidates