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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Regular September 2015 Meeting
Macon County Commissioners
Part 1 - Public Education Supporters Rally

Last night's meeting of the county commissioners began at 6 pm and commissioners went into closed session to discuss acquiring property at around 10 pm, so the video of the meeting will be broken up into segments to make for easier viewing.

The agenda packet that the county shares with members of the press (and others by request under sunshine laws) is posted at the end of this article. Currently, Macon Media is the only member of the local press that shares this public document with the citizens of Macon County.

MEDIA ROLL CALL (media organizations with reporters at the meeting)

Macon Media (me)
Macon County News and Shopping Guide
The Franklin Press The Smoky Mountain News
WLOS-TV  [See their coverage]

I will update this section over the next week as the other news outlets post their coverage about this segment of the meeting.

The first segment is the beginning of the meeting and a mini-rally in support of public education and a presentation by John DeVille. He is a local teacher at Franklin High School and member of the North Carolina Association of Educators. The presentation was billed as an update on state budget/education issues. Video, supporting documents and photos are below.

You can see the slideshow John DeVille presented either at his website or via the embed below.

Here is a slideshow of photos taken at the pre-rally meeting at Ratheskeller's and then at the county commissioner meeting:


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