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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Landslide Temporarily Closes Ellijay Road

Barricade on Ellijay Road

A small landslide has closed Ellijay road for a day or two just past Rocky Branch Road in the 3200 block. The Supervisor at the scene expects the road to be closed most of the day and may not be re-opened until tomorrow. The overall cleanup at the slide location will take longer. You can check whether or not the road has been opened to traffic at the NCDOT TIMS website.

NCDOT TIMS Detour Route

The NCDOT detour is as follows: Slide is 1 mile south of SR 1528 (Little Ellijay Rd).

Residents south of SR 1528 will travel south on SR 1001(Ellijay Rd) to US 28/64.

Residents north of SR 1528 will travel north on SR 1001 to SR 1521(Mtn Grove Rd) to SR 1513(Cat Creek Rd) then to US 441.

Video and Photos taken at the scene earlier this morning are posted below. Click on the images to embiggen them to a larger size.

NCDOT Dumptrucks lined up to carry away dirt and debris

NCDOT workers discuss the next steps in clearing the debris

A look at the landslideMailbox damaged by a tree carried downslope by the slide