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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

2017 Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign

Press Release — For Immediate Release

it’s the time of year when brightly colored pinwheels are popping up all around town reminding us that everyone deserves a childhood with carefree moments and hope fora bright and happy tomorrow. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and KIDS Place has once again partnered with local businesses. churches and individuals to call attention to the role everyone must tale In helping to prevent child abuse.

Pinwheels for Prevention is a nationwide campaign, created by Prevent Child Abuse America. The goal of this campaign is to engage people In taking extraordinary ordinary actions that can reduce stress for families and increase resilience for children and youth. Simple, everyday actions can make a big difference to children and youth. When you reach out to someone being bulled, volunteer at a local child-serving agency, or donate to programs that help children and families, you are doing something extraordinary.

As a local member of Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina, KIDS Place has taken the lead in planting pinwheel gardens in Macon County. This year. KIDS Place has already partnered with 72 host sites to plant pinwheels. Altogether, more than 2,500 pinwheels will be on display in Macon County during the month of April. When you see these pinwheels, please tale a moment to say thank you to the host site far taking part In this year's campaign and remember the children, youth and families who are Impacted by abuse.

In addition to hundreds of pinwheels on display, KIDS Place will be placing royal blue bows on all the posts in downtown Franklin In honor of children and families and those who work tirelessly to keep them safe.

Child abuse and neglect costs tax payers billions annually in direct costs for child protective services, foster care services, hospitalization, mental health treatment and law enforcement intervention. tong-term costs for child victims of abuse include loss of productivity, as well as expenditures related to chronic health problems. special education and criminal justice services. The majority of child abuse cases stem from situations and conditions that are entirely preventable in an engaged and supportive community.

KIDS Place is a private. nonprofit, nationally accredited children‘s advocacy center. Services provided at KIDS Place Include victim’s advocacy, case coordination, child forensic interviews, child medical evaluations, multidisciplinary case review, and evidence-based, trauma-focused. mental health treatment. Translators are available when needed.

For information on preventing child abuse, visit the KIDS Place website at or call KIDS Place at 818-524-3199 and ask about the different kinds of training KIDS Place can provide.



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Published at 11:35 am on March 28, 2017