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Monday, May 15, 2017

2017 Law Enforcement Memorial Day Ceremony
Presented by Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #81

Law Enforcement Agencies gathered to honor the sacrifice of fellow officers who fell in the line of duty in North Carolina in the past year, and to remember those who fell in western North Carolina over a longer period. Below is a video of the ceremony, the program, including a list of the fallen and some photos taken at the service.

2017 Law Enforcement Memorial Service
Presented by Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #81

Fallen North Carolina Police Officers 2016

September 12, 2016
K-9 Officer Timothy James Brakeen
Shelby Police Department, Shelby, NC

September 28, 2016
Deputy Sheriff John Thomas Isenhour
Forsyth County Sheriff's Office

November 29, 2016
K-9 Payne
Pembroke Pines Police Department, Pembroke, NC

FOP Lode #81 also remembers the following officers from Western North Carolina

October 3, 2001
Master Trooper Calvin E. Taylor
North Carolina Highway Patrol

May 31, 2003
Senior Trooper Anthony G. Cogdill
North Carolina Highway Patrol

June 17, 2008
Trooper David Shawn Blanton, Jr.
North Carolinas Highway Patrol

June 28, 2008
Deputy Sheriff Robert "Bob" Killian
Macon County Sheriff's Office

October 29, 2013
Senior Police Officer Robert A. Bingaman
Asheville Police Department

Law Enforcement Memorial Program

Master of Ceremonies
Al Caiata, Vice President, FOP Lodge #81

Pastor Brandon Breedlove, Chaplain

Posting of Colors
Franklin Police Department
Highlands Police Department
Macon County Sheriff's Office

National Anthem
Officer Dwayne Cabe, Franklin Police Department

"God Bless America"
Scott Eichelberger, Piper

Introduction of Special Guests
Sheriff Robert Holland, Macon County Sheriff

Guest Speaker
Tim Ledford, Chief, Mint Hill Police Department, Mint Hill, NC

Roll Call of Fallen Officers
Steve Mason, Trustee, FOP Lodge #81

Bell Tolled After Each Name
Larry Miller, Macon County Sheriff's Office, Retired
Gary Keppen, Cape Coral Florida Police Department, Retired

"Going Home"
Scott Eichelberger, Piper

Placing of the Wreath
Captain Steve Apel, Franklin Police Department
Lieutenant Mike Jolly, Highlands Police Department

"Amazing Grace"
Scott Eichelberger, Piper

21 Gun Salute
Commander Neal Riendeau
American Legion Post #108, VFW Post #7339 Honor Guard Unit

Pastor Brandon Breedlove, Chaplain, Franklin Police Department

Retiring of Colors
Franklin Police Department
Highlands Police Department
Macon County Sheriff's OfficeRetiring of Colors

(click on the arrows to flip through the photos of click the image to see the photo album on Flickr)

2017 Law Enforcement Memorial Service


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