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Friday, October 17, 2014

Macon County Planning Board October 2014

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The Macon County Planning Board met yesterday afternoon at the direction of the county commissioners to investigate a potential noise ordinance for the county. The bulk of the meeting consisted of a conversation with Sheriff Robbie Holland, who shared some statistics with the board.

He said according to the Macon County 911 Center, Macon County Deputies answered 13,443 calls in 2011, 13,337 calls in 2012, 14,125 calls in 2013 and 11,239 calls in the first ten months of 2014. The Sheriff said that each year one percent or less of those calls have been calls related to loud music and disruptive neighbors and many of those calls were multiple calls were to the same locations.

Gavel to gavel video of the meeting is below.

The board will meet again next month on November 20th at 4pm to hear some statistics on Animal Control response to loud animals and to hear from the county attorney. (He has been asked several times to attend a meeting to relay information and answer questions, but never has as long as I have been covering these meetings. The board will also been inquiring from jurisdictions that have noise ordinances about enforceability issues.


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