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Monday, March 30, 2015

2015 Vietnam Veterans Day in Franklin, NC

On Saturday, March 28, 2015, Chapter #994 of the Vietnam Veterans of America held a parade and ceremony in observance of Vietnam Veterans Day, a holiday that started here in 2009.

Veterans marched in a parade from town hall to the Gazebo at the corner of Main Street and Iotla Street, where speeches and ceremonies were held. Videos and Photos of the complete event are posted below for those of you who either didn't know of the event or could not attend.

View a slideshow of photos either below or on Flickr.

The Parade

Part 1

Welcome -- Gary Shields
Opening Prayer -- Sam Hastings
Pledge of Allegiance -- Sgt Maxwell
National Anthem -- Dwayne Cabe

Part 2

Introduction -- Bob Scott
Remarks -- Ronnie Beale
Remarks -- Jim Davis

Part 3

Introduction of Speakers -- Gary Shields
Guest Speaker -- Nat Henry
Guest Speaker -- Thomas Pyle

Part 4

Awards to the Media for Coverage
Presentation of Awards -- Gary Shields
Award Acceptance -- Michael Parks for The Franklin Press
Award Acceptance -- Betsey Gooder for Macon County News and Shopping Guide
Award Acceptance -- Harry Taylor for series on Vietnam Veterans

Closing Remarks -- Rick Norton

Part 5 End of Ceremony

Wreath Laying -- VVA Chapter #994
Rifle Salute -- VVA Chapter #994
Taps -- VVA Chapter #994
Closing Prayer -- Joe Hastings

Rifle Salute

Here is a view of the rifle salute performed by Chapter #994 of the Vietnam Veterans of America from a different angle.

May we never forget to honor the veterans who served in Vietnam.


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