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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Macon County Sheriff Officers Close Down South Macon School to Search for Weapons

Regarding the "missing" post from this morning.

Facebook got back to me and said that the school deleted their post, which I had shared. Since I shared their post, my post disappeared when theirs did. A couple of people confirmed this when they messaged me and said they had shared the original post by the school, too and theirs had also went missing.

So, there is no conspiracy to delete posts on developing public safety situations. YAAY!!!!

So, instead of directly sharing posts by the school and other local government pages, I plan on copying and pasting then linking when something major is going down so the chain of information is not broken and people can be kept up to date on situations in the community that involve public safety.

For some reason my previous post has been removed. Fortunately, I had it mirrored:
Macon County Sheriff Officers have temporarily closed South Macon School after a brief foot chase netted the recovery of four firearms from two subjects. Macon County EMS was called to the scene to remove taser probes from at least one of the subjects.
The reason for the temporary closure is a search for possible additional weapons. Macon Media has left a message on the Sheriff's phone and is awaiting a response on how long the school will be closed and will relay additional information once it becomes available. Please stay away from the area until the all clear has been given.
As of 6:20 am, a bag with a pistol and ammo was discovered on one of the school buses and the search for additional weapons continues.
**6:39 am** Students that arrive will be placed at the church on the hill near the school. All school buses have been searched and no additional weapons found.
**6:43 am** Macon Media has been following this story since before 6am.
**6:48 am** Sheriff Officers are going back into the school to retrieve breakfast bars and drinks for the students who are being housed at the church near the school. The Sheriff has requested the NC Highway Patrol respond to assist with traffic control at the scene.
**6:54 am** Two people, a male and a female have been transported to the Macon County detention Center.
**7:23 am** School at South Macon Elementary has been cancelled for today and faculty are to report to Prentiss Church of God near the school.
**8:05 am** Superintendent Dr. Baldwin made the decision to close South Macon Elementary for the day. Parents can return to school to pick up their children. Source:
**8:45 am**
South Macon Elementary has now been cleared by law enforcement officials. Faculty & Staff may now enter the campus and parents may pick up their child if they were at school. There will be no classes at South Macon today, Thursday, June 4, 2015. All other schools in Macon County are on regular schedule.

For some reason my previous post has been removed. Fortunately, I had it mirrored:Macon County Sheriff Officers have...
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