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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Press Release from Care Partners Women's Bereavement Support Group

Care Partners Women's Bereavement Support Group

Recently, Care Partners Women's Bereavement Support Group visited Open Hands Therapeutic Massage on West Main St.  They received a treat and a treatment of Massage Art Music Aromatherapy known as MAMA.  Following their monthly support luncheon at Sunset Restaurant, the group was welcomed by Lori Mershimer a licensed massage therapist and member of the group. They were invited to come and experience the  therapeutic healing  of her art gallery. They were able to spend some time together, wandering through the gallery of photographic prints from all over the world. Nanine Case is the local photographer from Hiawassee, GA  who displays her therapeutic art accompanied by gentle music uplifting the observer. When you enter the gallery your senses will immediately be touched by the scent of essential oils ,comfortable lighting and relaxing music. Whether you are at Open Hands to receive a Therapeutic Massage or just to enjoy the serenity of the artful surroundings, the atmosphere will leave you feeling as if you have received a warm hug and a blessing. All of the art that is display is available for purchase, framed or unframed.

  Care Partners Women's Bereavement Support Group is facilitated by Betty Balmer, through Angel Hospital. They meet on the third Wed. of every month at Sunset Restaurant at 11:30 and 4:00. Some refer to the day that they meet as "Our appointment with our grief, we laugh, we cry, we eat pie. It's not a club that we would have volunteered to join. We were called to be here for each other." For more information about this group or the men's group please call 838-369-4418.