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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Second Phase of Macon County Homeless Strategic Plan Completed


The Macon Community led by Macon New Beginnings, Inc. and Integrated Organizational Design, Inc., with funding from Evergreen Foundation, have completed the second phase of a strategic plan. The plan provides a road map for the Macon County community to address our homeless challenge for the next 3 years. The first two stages of the plan identified strengths, opportunities, aspirations and methods to track results (SOAR), and prioritized objectives. The next phase is to build the community’s implementation team focused on accomplishing the plan’s goals and objectives.

Macon New Beginnings has been able to bless those homeless and nearly homeless because of the community’s generosity with financial contributions, personal property donations, food donations, volunteer time, partnerships, collaborations, etc. Our community’s heart to make a difference in people’s lives has continued to drive this initiative.

Our opportunities lie in building upon the strengths by focusing on four key and interrelated elements: Client Services, Volunteer Recruitment and Development, Community Relations, and Fundraising and Infrastructure. Each of these elements consist of a collection of objectives that will move our community toward our vision of Helping the Homeless and Nearly Homeless become fruit-bearing members of our community.

For more information:

Macon New Beginnings, Inc.
131 Franklin Plaza Dr, Box 228
Franklin, NC 28734

Integrated Organizational Design, Inc.
Winghaven Heights
Waynesville NC 28786