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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Macon County Schools Respond to Rumored Online Suicide Pact at MVI School

Here is information from the Macon County School System regarding a rumored suicide pact some students may have been involved with at Mountain Valley Intermediate School that was associated with an Instagram group called "Edgy Fan Page 101."

Macon Media has a policy of not publishing information regarding incidents in the school system unless there is a confirmed threat to students or the public or an incident occurs that may impact traffic flow around school locations until either law enforcement or the school system releases information or either request the public be notified using our resources.

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The administration and counselors of Mountain View Intermediate and the staff of Meridian Behavioral Health Services have been monitoring a group of students on social media for the past few weeks. This group is known as the “Edgy” group or “Edgy Fan Page 101”.

Last evening, a school nurse learned second hand information from one of our local health care providers that some of the students involved in this group may have some sort of suicide pact or had otherwise indicated suicidal ideations. At this time, school administrators were notified.

Upon learning of this information, the families of any student known to be involved with the “Edgy” group were contacted. A Parent-Link message also went out to encourage all MVI parents to monitor their child’s social media accounts and to begin a conversation with their child about dangers associated of this group. Macon County Schools social workers and the Macon County Sheriff’s department worked together to contact individual students/parents and make home visits to protect our students.

Macon Middle School, Mountain View Intermediate, our school social workers and Meridian Behavioral Health have followed up with students and families today.

We will continue to look for ways to monitor our students activities on social media, educate them and parents about the pitfalls of social media and to protect students from self-harm.

I welcome your input as we work together to face these challenges,

Chris Baldwin, Ed.D.
Macon County Schools


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Published at 8:17 pm on April 25, 2018