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Monday, February 4, 2019

County Commissioners Budget Kickoff Meeting for 2019-2020

The Macon County Board of Commissioners will be meeting Thursday at noon in the Commissioner's Boardroom on the third floor (accessible via the back parking lot) of the county courthouse at 5 East Main Street. A copy of the public agenda has been posted below for your convenience. A gavel-to-gavel video will be added to this article sometime Friday. Patreon supporters will have access to the video late Thursday night or early Friday morning at Patreon. [LINK]

Previous year's Budget Kickoff Meetings [LINK]


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Media Roll Call
(media outlets that have representatives present at the meeting)

to be filled in after the meeting

Elected Critters
(Elected officials not members of this board who were present for the meeting)

to be filled in after the meeting

Macon County Board of Commissioners
February 7, 2019 – 12:00 P.M.
Work Session Agenda

• Welcome
(Jim Tate, Chairman)

• Mid – Year Financial Review
(Lori Hall, Director of Finance)

• 2018 Year in Review and moving forward
(Derek Roland, County Manager)

• Amended Capital Improvement Plan
(Mitch Brigulio, Senior Vice President, Davenport and Company)

• 2019 Revaluation Updates
(Richard Lightner, Tax Administrator)

• Courthouse Security Updates
(Sheriff Robert Holland, Chief Superior Court Judge William Coward)

• FY 18-19’ School System topics for discussion
(Dr. Chris Baldwin, Superintendent, Macon County Schools)

• Fire Safety Training Facility Updates
(Dr. Don Tomas, President, Southwestern
Community College)

• Presentation of Budget Calendar
(Derek Roland, County Manager)

• Goals and Expectations for FY 19-20'
(Board of Commissioners)

Agenda Packet

None as of publication

Scanned or digital copies of documents presented during the meeting will be added later.


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Published at 1:35 am on February 3, 2019