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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

State Seeks Death Penalty for Charles Andrew Cochran

The State will be seeking the death penalty for Charles Andrew Cochran for the murder of Day Williamson, of Franklin, NC after numerous attempts to get the defendant to accept a plea deal for life without parole that avoided the death penalty. The State will file paperwork by 5:00 pm today to get that process moving and get an additional attorney appointed to assist Belzer in the defense of his client.

An additional administrative hearing has been scheduled for November 16th, during which time a Rule 24 hearing may take place or be scheduled at another time in the future. *correction* A Rule 24 hearing did take place. My apologies for the error. 

*note* This post has been edited to include information that the deal included life without parole.

*note 2* This was published during the second day (ever) of covering the court system, so expect errors on my part. These guys do not do business like an elected body, making sure the audience understands what is taking place. As long as the Judge and Attorneys know what is going on, they're going to do whatever it is that they're doing. If you're one of those few inititiates who do know what is going on, please do not hesitate to let me know. Since the web provide for the website is having issues, the normal email address of is not working, so send me a private message on the facebook page or comment on the post where the story has been linked. My intent is to cover the court system, in particular the superior courts, by being there during the entire session and not just parachuting in just for the big or interesting cases and ignoring the vast majority of the interaction between the public and the courts.