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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Not Enough Homes or Businesses Damaged in 2015 Christmas Holiday Storm to Qualify for State Assistance in Recovery

Flooded Building at Parker Meadows Recreational Complex

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety has notified Macon County that not enough damage was caused by the storms that struck Macon County over the Christmas holidays to qualify for state assistance. A press release from the Macon County Emergency Management and a copy of the memo from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety are posted for your convenience.

Press Release
Macon County Emergency Management
Released Jan 29, 2016
Posted Jan 30, 2016

Macon County has been notified that damages the occurred as a result of severe weather during the Christmas holidays will not be eligible for assistance through the Individual Assistance Program of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. Although the damages that occurred were overall a significant amount, there were not at least 25 primary homes, businesses or other eligible institutions that sustained major damage to request additional assistance.

End Press Release

A copy of the memo to Macon County Emergency Services regarding the results of the PDA (Property Damage Assessment) conducted by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety on January 7th and 8th is posted below.