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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

The Bill Fishburne Show canceled

Yesterday, while listening to Ken Bagwell's show, Heads Up America, I heard hime say that there had been some personnel changes at the station.

My heart sank. The first two hours of Heads Up America dragged, because I knew it wouldn't be good. My pessimism was rewarded by the announcement that Bill's morning show had been cancelled, and he was let go. Brian O'Brien would be replacing him with a new show. Lack of advertising was the stated reason. Of course, Ken put a good face on it by saying that this would open up new opportunities for Bill.

I have heard that song and dance before, I won't bore you with the details. Another proof of one of my mottos "Never trust anyone wearing a suit, or in management."

Needless to say, I am disappointed, but it does free up my mornings from being glued to the radio as a certainty. I've been burned too many times to get attached again. Just klike my German Sheperd Laika was my last dog, so was Bill Fishburne my last morning show. I will listen to Brian's new show occaisionally, but I won't care enough to patronize any sponser.

I will continue my last post at another time.


There is more to what you are being told sir.
Call me and I'll fill you in.
Brian O'Brien
Ops Mgr
Supertalk 1350


That post was done in the heat of the moment, much like Fred's call was that morning.
Listening to other callers helped me to frame my emotions in the context of the larger world. I don't blame you for the changes, and continue to listen (except when operating equipment that interfere with AM reception and when the 1350 from Warner-Robbins, Ga. doesn't override your signal in the early AM and in the half hour or so before 6 PM).

That being said, Act in haste, repent at leisure...I admit I should ponder my words more carefully.

I appreciate and welcome your comments...if you continue visiting, you'll put this blog into the double digit readership!!


I hereby retract my unkind comments about not patronizing WZNN advertisers. Please accept my apologies...I will prob post such in the next day or so.