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Friday, February 17, 2006

Untitled Post

I couldn't thnk of a title off the top of my head, and the topics to diverse to pull together in a few words.

More winter weather may be headed my way. I live in Northern Jackson County, at the north pole of the area...we still have snow on the ground out here, although yesterday put a lot of it away.

I'll be starting a series of posts on the 11th District US House Race next week with the official entry of Heath Shuler as an official candidate. The incumbent, Charles Taylor, may have a callenger in he primary...more later.

Now to the important stuff...

Battlestar Galactica

New episode "The Captain's Hand" is on tonight at 10pm and 1am eastern Time on theSciFi Channel.



Come on, Thunder Pig. Don't be coy. It's your buddy John Armor running against Taylor for the Republican nomination.

I hope he puts up a hell of a fight.

John Armor from Highlands?
I hope to God so.

Since WZNN changed formats, there isn't much on the radio that covers this area of politics. The "Take A Stand" show on WWNC doesn't shine a helpful light on matters above the state level.
Thanks for the info, Mr. Armor hasn't appeared in ANY of the discussions that I've heard.