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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Audio of Today's NC Senate Finance Committee

Here is an audio recording of the NC Senate Finance Committee meeting that was held from 1pm to 2pm today, and information on the bills they discussed:

NC Senate Finance Committee of July 14, 2009

NC Senator Martin Nesbitt colorful remarks on S1068

Bills and action taken...

Regulation of Golf Carts by Local Governments (H121) [favorable report given]
Wilson County Occupancy Tax Modification (
H564) [favorable report given]
Jamestown/Satellite Annexations (
H688) [favorable report given]
Huntersville Charter Rewrite (
H772) [favorable report given]
Montgomery County Debt Collection/Water (
H991) [favorable report given after Sen Berger resurrected it]
Malt Beverage Special Permit (
H1595) [favorable report given]
Permitting of Wind Energy Facilities (S1068) [favorable report given]
Incorporate Swannanoa (S553) [posponed until tomorrow]
Tax Law Compliance Condition of ABC Permit (S867) [postponed until tomorrow]


Here is another pice of interesting audio from that meeting. Senator Phil Berger and Senator Martin Nesbitt agree that passage of S991 would give local goverment extra tools to garnish wages of people that businesses don't have...and that other counties would likely seek this extra power to collect debt from citizens as well.

Berger was instrumental in killing the bill, then he later brought it back to life. I wonder what kind of arm twisting took place behind the scenes...