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Monday, July 6, 2009

International Space Station Begins Series on Passes Over United States

I enjoy getting to see the International Space Station fly overhead whenever possible, and I was glad to see (courtesy of Space Weather) that this week will see a series of passes that will be visible in the United States.

If you are interested in seeing it for yourself, visit either Space Weather or Heavens Above for more information. [NASA also has a satellite tracker]

I have posted a table below that includes the details of the passes for my location in western North Carolina according to Heavens Above...

DateMagStartsMax. altitudeEnds
6 Jul0.504:43:2310N04:44:3112NNE04:45:3710NE
6 Jul-2.522:41:2310WSW22:44:1451NW22:47:0610NE
7 Jul-1.105:06:4310NNW05:09:1929NE05:11:5410E
7 Jul-2.821:30:5410SSW21:33:3735SE21:36:2010ENE
7 Jul-0.123:06:5310WNW23:08:5517NNW23:10:5710NNE
8 Jul0.403:57:0710N03:58:2112NNE03:59:3510NE
8 Jul-3.505:30:5910NW05:33:5166SW05:36:4110SE
8 Jul-2.321:55:1110WSW21:58:0248NW22:00:5310NE
9 Jul-1.304:20:2910NNW04:23:0730NE04:25:4310ESE
9 Jul-1.605:56:1810W05:58:0715SW05:59:5510SSW
9 Jul0.022:20:4310WNW22:22:4116NNW22:24:4010N
10 Jul-1.404:49:3019SSE04:49:3019SSE04:50:2610SE
10 Jul-2.021:08:5610WSW21:11:4646NW21:14:3610NE
11 Jul0.121:34:2810WNW21:36:2316NNW21:38:1810N