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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Freeway Jim Visits Western North Carolina

I have been following this guy's videos for a while, and have wondered if he wouold ever pass through this area, and this past weekend, he did!

There are currently three videos of his journey through our fair area uploaded, and here they are...

This first video takes us from the intersection of Highways 441 and 64 just south of Franklin, just missing catching my truck parked along the highway at the Whistlestop Mall, where I based my 4th of July activities from on that day [1] [2] [3] and it continues on to join the Smoky Mountain Expressway just north of Dillsboro.

This second video travels from where we left off in the first video and takes us to Interstate 40 and stops as Freeway Jim headed toward Asheville. Too bad for Jim...the Road to Knoxville is a better scenic route.

In the third video, he wisely skips Asheville and starts out from I-240 headed west near Exit 55 and takes us just past Exit 44.

His next video will be the Pigeon River Gorge, and I look forward to adding that video here...I needed not fret earlier. Silly me for doubting the taste of Freeway Jim!!!

You can keep up with the travels of Freeway Jim via his You Tube Channel.

Happy and Safe Travels!!!

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