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Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Report on the iCaucus Conference Call with NC-11 Candidates Vance Patterson and Mark Meadows

Christine Gates, of the Caldwell TEA Party, participated in an iCaucus conference call that included both the Republican candidates in the run off election in the NC11 GOP Primary.

The purpose of Monday’s conference call was to lay our cards on the table and discuss the 800-pound elephants in the room.

1. How do we get through this run-off without cannibalizing other Republicans and giving the Democrats ample ammunition against us in November?

2. How can all these groups (TEA, 912, and GOP) get through the run-off and remain friends, so we can ALL work together for the nominee in the General Election? And even more importantly, how do we keep everyone invested in the political process through the General Election in November, so they don’t leave the political process?

3. What role would the iCaucus vetting and endorsing process play in the run-off?

4. The biggie for many of us: Which candidate has the support and the money to get them selves across the finish line in November against a very well funded Democrat, Hayden Rogers?
Source: Caldwell TEA Party "Vance, Meadows, iCaucus conference call" 

I really wish that there had been an audio and video of the conference call made available for full transparency...but I don't expect that from an iCaucus event.

In the past, I have not trusted iCaucus...most especially those in the NC11 Congressional District who have been a part of the process...namely, anyone associated with the Asheville Tea Party. Jane Bilello, and Erike Franzi and Tim Peck before her, have not been transparent individuals. They've been unequivocal Dan Eichenbaum Supporters, even to the point of publicly announcing voting Heath shuler over Jeff Miller. I hope that Jane Bilello proves me wrong in my suspicions.

I remind every one of the results of the May 2012 Primary:

Mark Meadows (REP) 37.90% 35,518
Vance Patterson (REP) 23.62% 22,139
Jeff Hunt (REP) 14.09% 13,206
Ethan Wingfield (REP) 11.31% 10,597
Susan Harris (REP) 6.15% 5,762
Kenny West (REP) 4.21% 3,946
Spence Campbell (REP) 1.91% 1,787
Chris Petrella (REP) 0.82% 767

TOTAL 93,722
Source: Infographic: May 2012 NC11 GOP Primary Results

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