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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Local Entrepreneur Promotes Cash Mobs

+Matt Bateman, local entrepreneur and promoter of all things Franklin, appeared on Martin Brossman's Show via a Google Hangout. I have posted a video of that above.

Matt has also written an update on the local Cash Mob effort he has helped organize. Here is an excerpt:

The calm before the storm
Before each cash mob, we meet up 15 minutes before our scheduled mob.  We meet at a central location that’s closest to the biz we’re about to bombard with cash money.  For example, with  our downtown businesses, we’ve been meeting at our cool and historic, Franklin Clock Tower.  This works well for us for so many reasons.  First, we’re a large group standing together and that immediately draws attention.  Grabbing passerby’s attention is always a good thing.  Second, I always pass around a clipboard asking folks to “sign in” to let us know they were there.  I also ask for email addresses to add to our growing lists for our e-news.  This ensures that we’re always promoting to a growing audience for each new cash mob.  Next, I make announcements and go over the “rules.”  Like I mentioned before, VLF is involved in other initiatives, so I take a few minutes to talk about what’s new.  Then I go over our rules (don’t worry, we’re not that strict! HA!).

1.  Commit to spend at least $20 cash.
2.  Meet at least 3 new people.
3.  Have a blast! … and I always add a 4th rule, which is, “Talk about Ca$h Mob Franklin!”

Finally, we take a group picture, and head towards the biz with our $20 cash in hand (hooting and hollering, of course).

Source: Venture Local Franklin (click the link to see the entire article)