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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

John Armor Launches Exploartory Committee for NC-11

Exploratory Committee, Armor for Congress

Before reading this release, please visit “The Earth at Night”

Why Does this Political Brochure Start with a NASA Photo of the Earth?

If you understand this photo, you understand what is wrong with the domestic and foreign policies of the Democrats, including the current Congressman from the 11th District in Western Carolina.

This composite picture of “The Earth at Night” shows which parts of Earth are most developed, with the best educations, modern economies, and longest life spans. These are free market economies, with (mostly) governments freely elected.

The darker areas of the Earth are the communist, socialist and other dictatorial governments, which mismanage their economies and hold back their people.

Democrats in Congress favor the kind of policies to drag the US down like the sad average of most nations on Earth.

About Charles Taylor

Unlike other potential Republican candidates, I am not waiting for Charles Taylor to announce his intentions before I announce mine. As an incumbent, Taylor spent more money yet lost to a novice in 2006. Now Taylor is weaker and the novice, Heath Shuler, is stronger.

If Taylor runs again, he will lose again. That would be bad for him, bad for the Republican Party, and especially bad for the citizens of Western Carolina.

Therefore, I am announcing today, 31 July, 2007, the formation of an Exploratory Committee for Armor for Congress, and invite the support of all who believe that the 11th District needs and deserves an experienced, able, honest, and conservative Congressman who can win.

Where I Stand

For an introduction to what I believe and where I stand on the major domestic and foreign policy issues, go to any of these websites, and read as much as you choose:

Armor for Congress
Chron Watch
The American Civil Rights Union

John Armor
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