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Friday, December 19, 2008

The Homosexual Agenda:
The Eradication of Religion in Public Life

The firestorm of protest that has emerged from the hate-filled swamps of the lefty homosexual community has been indicative of the destruction agenda pursued by progressives in general, and the homosexual activists in particular. 

A California blogger I follow has nailed their agenda, and here is an excerpt from a recent post:

And while it's probably too late for gay activists and their radical backers to get Obama to change his mind on Warren, the episode will be used as a stepping stone to an even higher stage of secular radicalism under the coming political order: the total eradication of religion in public lifeSteve Benen sponsors that meme:

This is the wrong fight: The real problem isn't with who will give the invocation, but rather, the fact that there's going to be an invocation in the first place. We had 144 years of presidential inaugurations, dating back to George Washington, in which there was no invocation and no benediction. This shouldn't be a fight over which pastor delivers the prayer; this should be a fight over the official prayer itself.
This is the face of our enemies, folks, that's right ... the enemy of American traditionalism and values of faith and decency. The gay activists and their nihilist proponents are positioning for a battle of the highest stakes, and they'll take no prisoners. Where once this country was considered "one nation under God," now were a people divided between those who may find guidance from above and those who would hand down retribution on people who dare even seek such spiritual solace.

If you want to keep track of the filth that the lefty homosexuals are spewing, you need to look no further than the hateful House Blend Blog by Pam Spaulding. Here is a link to her articles on Rick Warren. 

For some sense on the issue, you might try reading an article by the Gay Patriot, who also isn't fooled by the Gay Lefties as he asks:

Is there ANY American religious leader that would be acceptable to the Radical Gay Left to do an invocation?

Perhaps Rev. Wright?  Maybe Father Pfleger?

I’ve got it!  The Gays(TM) would love to have the Iraqi Shoe Guy give the prayer (in Arabic of course).  That would be perfect for them — mixing rabid anti-American hatred with fashionable footwear.


Source: Gay Patriot

As Jim Quinn said on his radio show yesterday, lefty gays want to change the very definition of marriage, which for thousands of years has meant the union of one man and one woman. Their attack is aimed at the very foundation of our society...the family unit. They mean to destroy it. If I have time today, I will try to cut the portion out of the show out and post that audio in this post. 

Here is one thing lefties need to consider about Rick Warren. He promotes a watered down brand of Christianity. Would that Rick warren had chosen a REAL Christian who delivers the unaltered Word of God instead of fell-good platitudes.


Good blog. Fun topic...

...because it's a fun fight to watch. Far left vs. far right in moral combat with two aspirants to being mortal.

It is an impossible battle to win and will eventually end up somewhere in the middle. I say let the christians do what they want and the gays do what they want and the both of 'em quit whining about what the other wants to do.

Until either can prove that the other's lifestyle is harmful, then there is no basis for argument.

And how perfectly ironic it is that the worry over a gay scout master or teacher is the same worry over a priest or a minister. Some men just can't keep their mind on the game or their hands in their pockets, but we can't condemn the whole lot of either group when it sometimes happens.