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Friday, March 1, 2013

Private Company to Launch Second Supply Mission to the International Space Station Today

SpaceX Resupply Launch

The private spaceflight company SpaceX will launch an unmanned Dragon space capsule to the International Space Station today on it's second cargo delivery mission for NASA and you can follow the mission live via this video player or, if you have NASA TV on your Satellite or Cable System, you can watch there. For Roku Users, there is a NASA TV App that will allow you to watch the launch live also.

The live coverage begins at 8.30am on the NASA-TV Channel player above and the launch is supposed to take place at 10.10am. There will be a steady parade of people to speak about the various aspects of this mission.

The SpaceX people have a live blog 
(with video) of the launch that is scheduled to begin at 9.30am on their webpage, and they will be having a different lineup of guests to speak about the launch and mission of the spacecraft than NASA will.