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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Macon County Commissioners meet with SCC Board of Trustees

The Macon County Commissioners met last night in the Groves Center on the Siler Farm Road Campus of Southwestern Community College. I have the full video below and I have also cut it into segments for those who are only interested in a segment of the meeting. The last meeting of the county commissioners can be viewed by clicking here.

The agenda of the meeting:

6 P.M.
MARCH 18, 2014
1. Reconvene at the Cecil L. Groves Center on the Macon County campus of Southwestern Community College (SCC) and welcome by Chairman Corbin

2. Discussion regarding master plan for SCC Macon Campus - Dr. Don Tomas, President of SCC
  • Introductions
  • Overview of master plan and rationale
    • Groves Center
    • Public Safety Training Center (PSTC)
    • Annex
  • Discussion/question and answer session
  • Request for consideration of a Memorandum of Understanding between SCC and Macon County

3. Consideration of resolution honoring Robert "Bob" Carpenter

4. Consideration of lease for Highlands Road convenience center site

5. Consideration of engineering proposals for Parker Meadows Recreational Park

6. Consideration of architectural proposals for Parker Meadows Recreational Park

7. Adjourn

Here is the press kit that was distributed to members of the media:

Macon Media (me)
The Franklin Press
Macon County News

The videos:

Full Meeting

Video of the joint meeting between the Macon county Commissioners and the Southwestern Community College Board of Trustees that took place in the Groves Center on the SCC Siler Road Campus on March 18, 2014.

Part 1 Honoring Senator Bob and renewing the lease for the Highlands Convenience Center

Topics covered include:

Honoring the late Senator Bob Carpenter by voting to rename the Macon County Community Facilities Building after him.

The vote to renew the lease for the Highlands Road Convenience Center.

Part 2 Workforce Solutions seeks office space

Dale West and Jim MCMahon of the North Carolina Department of Commerce's Workforce Solutions (formerly known as the NC Employment Security Commission or Unemployment Office) approach the county commissioners for assistance in obtaining office space since the state of North Carolina will no longer be paying for their current office building ($4,000 a month).

Part 3 Parker Meadows Engineering Proposals

The Macon County Commissioners consider engineering proposals for the Parker Meadows Recreation Facility.

Part 4 The SCC Master Plan

The Southwestern Community College Board of Trustees present their Master Plan for the next 25 to 30 years to the Macon County Commissioners and lock down a 19 acre tract that is currently owned by Macon County for future expansion of the community college.

Here is a better copy of the video that Dr Tomas used as part of his presentation to the Commissioners:

Success in the New Economy from Brian Y. Marsh on Vimeo.