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Sunday, March 9, 2014

One Person Dead After Stabbing on Kirkland Road

Kirkland Road Stabbing

One man is dead, another in custody after a caller reported a fight that was still in progress when they called 911. First Responders from the Franklin Fire Department and two ambulances from the Macon County EMS Franklin Base responded to the call and entered the scene after the scene was secured by officer of the Macon County Sheriff's Department.

No names have been released and here is the initial audio of the radio traffic of the call. There have been no edits for time.

More information will be released as it becomes available.
Some people have indicated the audio embed is not showing for them, so clink this link to see the player on another website.

Updated at 3:53pm to include radio call signs and radio codes

Guide for call signs used in this call:

MAMA-1 Medical Air Ambulance stationed at Memorial Mission

MAMA-2 Medical Air Ambulance stationed at Angel Community Hospital
Medic-4 and Medic-11 are Macon County EMS Ambulances
5700 units are Macon County Sheriff Officers
1100 units are Firefighters of the Franklin Fire Department

Radio Codes Used:

Code 4 means CPR is in Progress
10-17 Enroute

10-18 Urgent
10-23 On Scene
10-40 Fight
10-72 Subject in Custody
10-82 Firearm (some dispatchers use it to mean any weapon, including knives)

Updated at 5:53 pm. The Sheriff's Department released a statement at 5:29pm on their facebook page, but it contains no real new information beyond what I posted here a couple of hours ago.

It reads:

MCSO is on scene at a Kirkland Road residence after calls to 911 reported an altercation involving a knife. Upon arrival, deputies were able to locate the two individuals involved in the altercation. First Responders from the Franklin Fire Department and MCSO deputies immediately rendered aid to one of the individuals who later died from his injuries. The investigation is ongoing and at this time the MCSO is not looking for any additional suspects.

Here is an embed of the facebook post:   

Update 6:35pm

Adam Hensley has been arrested and charged with the murder of Larry Wilt, both of Franklin. Hensley is currently being held without bond at the Macon County Detention Center.

Update 7:15pm

The Sheriff Department has finally gotten around to posting an update. It reads:

Sheriff Robert Holland confirms that 1st Degree Murder charges have been filed against Adam Lee Hensley age 31 of Franklin in the death of Larry Nelson Wilt. Mr. Wilt was found earlier today at a Kirkland Road residence after someone called 911 reporting a fight involving a knife. Wilt was found by deputies and first responders on the front porch area unresponsive and suffering from multiple stab wounds. Those on scene immediately rendered aid to both Hensley and Wilt for injuries they both received from an apparent altercation. All efforts to save the life of Mr. Wilt were unsuccessful. Sheriff Holland will have an official press release on Monday. Meanwhile, the investigation continues and condolences go out to the families of those involved.