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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Macon County Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting for March 2019

The Macon County Board of Commissioners will be holding their regular monthly meeting for March tonight at 6pm in the Commissioner's Boardroom on the third floor of the county courthouse. Building access will be through the rear parking lot entrance.

A video will be added on Wednesday or Thursday and, if time allows, excerpts from the meeting will be added in the following days.


(A roll call of media outlets represented by people present at the meeting and elected critters not on this board)

Media Outlets
Macon Media
Macon County News and Shopping Guide (2)
The Franklin Press

Elected Critters Not Sitting On the Board
Barbara McRae (Franklin Town Council, Vice Mayor of Franklin)

A copy of the public agenda and the agenda packet has been embedded here for your convenience.


1. Call to order and welcome by Chairman Tate

2. Announcements

3. Moment of Silence

4. Pledge of Allegiance

5. Public Hearing(s) - NONE

6. Public Comment Period

7. Additions to agenda

8. Adjustments to and approval of the agenda

9. Reports/Presentations
A. Safe Routes to School Program. Jackie Moore, Safe Routes to School Coordinator. Justin Setser, Town Planner
B. Nikwasi Initiative Update. Barbara McCrae, Town of Franklin Councilwoman
C. Presentation of Program Impact Report for 2018. Allen Durden, Cooperative Extension Director, and staff

10.01d Business
A. Renewal of Lease Agreement between Macon County and NC Department of Commerce for NC Works Career Center. Chester Jones, County Attorney
B. Assumption of Lease Agreement between North Carolina Community Care Networks, Inc. and Macon County Public Health. Chester Jones, County Attorney
C. Resolution confirming and ratifying the existence of the Macon County Community Funding Pool. Chester Jones, County Attorney
D. Approval of By-Laws for Community Funding Pool. Chester Jones, County Attorney
E. Update on Courthouse Security Project. Sheriff Robert Holland.

11.New Business
A. Occupancy Tax Penalty Waiver Request for Beth Strickland. Chester Jones, County Attorney. Lori Hall, Finance Director
B. Letter in support of Smoky Mountain Relay. Derek Roland, County Manager. Chester Jones, County Attorney
C. Acknowledgment letter request from Burningtown-Iotla Volunteer Fire Department concerning the purchase of 1998 Freightliner Pumper/Tanker. Mike Yacks, Board Chairman-Burningtown-Iotla Volunteer Fire Department

12.Consent Agenda - Attachment All items below are considered routine and will be enacted by one motion. No separate discussion will be held except on request of a member of the Board of Commissioners.

A. Minutes of the February 12, 2019, Regular Meeting
B. Budget Amendment #157
C. Tax Releases in the amount of $1,637 for February 2019
D. Tax Refund Request approval for Mike Davis per NCGS 105-381
E. Tax Office Monthly Report F. Macon County Board of Public Health proposed fee changes/ additions

13. Appointments
A. Re-appointment of Bill Dyar to Macon County Library Board.

14.Closed session (if necessary)

15. Adjourn/Recess



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