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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Ann Coulter Calls Out The Breck Girl

And Certain Effeminate 'Conservatives Comes to Edwards' Aid Whilst He Hides Behind His Wife's Skirts.

The above sentence tells you all you need to know, the rest is fluff.

Speaking of Fluff, here is John Edwards:

The Breck Girl, or the Cowboy?

And here is what Ann Coulter said:

What follows below are the entirety of her remarks:

Part One of Four

Part Two of Four

Part Three of Four

Part Four of Four

And as for the "New Girls on the Block", McCain, Giuliani, and Romney, they have just taken themselves off my list (Okay McCain and Romney already were off my list) over this invented smear campaign that sent them running for the tall grass like so many school girls, and trying to feed Ann Coulter to the Croc in hopes they would be eaten last. Cowards.
And the lovely, oh so pretty, John Edwards hid behind his wife's skirts as he sent her out to defend his honor, need I say more?

The Left can mock the failed assassination attempt on a sitting Vice President without so much as a peep out of these Ladies In Waiting, so I say bugger off if you can't stand the heat. I know my girl Ann can take you homophile candidates any day of the week!!! (lol)


At least I didn't say he'd be our first woman president like Josh Gerstein said in the New York Sun.

It's a good thing I didn't have a drip in my mouth when I read that!

At least he didn't call you a Hatter.
Then you'd be Mad. As a Hatter.