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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

FBI Agent German blows whistle on White Supremacist Islamist Meeting in U.S.

by Jerry Gordon

I watched the Senate Judiciary FBI oversight hearings, today live and on-line from Washington, DC. FBI director Mueller was being grilled about the alleged misuse, some say abuse, of the National Security Letters authorized by the Patriot Act to conduct domestic counter-terrorism activities. There were also questions regarding the FBI position relative to the 8 U.S. attorneys fired by embattled Attorney General Gonzalez.

In the midst of this was a jarring statement read by Iowa Republican Charles Grassley about an FBI Agent ‘whistle blower” German, by name and a cover up by superiors in the FBI about a meeting between a White Supremacist and an Islamist. Below is an excerpt of the Statement of Senator Grassley about the matter. All FBI director Mueller could say in response to questions by Grassley following this statement was : ‘I’ll get back to you on that.” Grassley had a transcript in his hand of the alleged conversation between these two antisemites and implored Mueller to find out why it was kept in someone’s drawer for ‘months’ until an Inspector General investigation unearthed it. FBI Agent German was trashed by FBI spokespersons as being “unreliable”.


News & Observer


Part of my Personal Mission in Life is to foil white supremacists where ever, and when ever, I can. I can affirm from past infiltration activities that white supremacists often see Islamists as a useful option for achieving their goals in the United States, so I don't doubt the report. Reporting such activity to the Feds is often a dead end, and other action usually has to be taken to thwart such activity.