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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

(Blogburst) Morning Update

I'll be on the road for the best part of the day, so here is something to keep you occupied in my absence. A brief roundup of what's on teh intertubes, from the right and the left, and even (at the end) an enemy website:


Podcast Appalachia: "Mountain Religion"

Joe Dunn Speaks at Citizens for Change

Mumpower Stands Firm, Vindicated on Campaign Signage

Mumpower TV Ads

(the rest of you candidates should get an RSS Feed!)

Thought Experiments - Campbell, Armor, and Mumpower

Meeting Between Eastern Band, Cherokee Nation Broadcast on Web

Limbaugh Joins Earth First and the Merry Pranksters

Mad Tea Party: The Documentary

Gaze Into The Mind of a Moron

Brio Concert Series Presents The Opal String Quartet April 20

NC News

Michelle Obama Courts Voters for Obama

Catching Up With Phone Bills

Michelle Obama Visits Harrisburg

Richard's Pal by Ed Kennedy

Universal Health Insurance: Just Don't Get Sick!

Stepping Up In America NC-03

Sublime, Meet Ridiculus

Bank Lending: Ka-Boom!

Obama on the Issues

National News

Bomb Squad Finds Explosive Device, Weapons in Home - Newton, MA

Video: 'The Palestinian' Candidate for President

Liberalosis: The Newsroom Disease

Obama Monkeys With Racism

Obama vs Obama

Why Wright's Outrages Don't Turn Off Obama Supporters

The slick trick behind global frauding

17 Iraq Combat Veterans Are Running for Congress as Republicans

World War IV News

US Intel Officials: al-Qaeda Nuclear Attack in Planning Stages

Iraq By The Numbers: April 2008

IED weapons making facility destroyed in Diyala

Saddam Transferred WMD's to Syria

Decline and Fall in Four Simple Steps

EUSSR Grows Bolder
(sorry for linking to GoV twice)

The Battle Over Iraq

General Petraeus' Congressional Testimony

audio of above testimony

Ambassador Crocker's Congressional Testimony

Video: The Presidential Candidates Question Petraeus, Crocker on Iraq

Standing Down From Iraq Will Not Make the Iraqis More Likely to Stand Up

Crooks and Liars on Petraeus

Petraeus to Delay July Troop Withdrawals

McCain on Petraeus and Supporting the Troops

Secret Plan for US Troops to Stay in Iraq