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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Filing in for Thunder Pig

Thunder Pig has asked me to fill in for him for a couple of days while he is busy with other projects for a few days. (I am working on the Legislative Calendar post for the day, but it is taking far longer than I thought it would, so please bear with me).

My name is Scarlet and I am the co-founder, along with Thunder Pig and Mohican, of the Counter Progressive Unit tasked with building a force of conservative cyberwarriors and political organizers to contribute to a strengthening of the conservative movement within the Republican Party of western North Carolina at the local level. We are mainly low-profile types, preferring to spread the Promethean fire to empower conservatives rather than lead. Our goal is to teach conservatives how to use the tools available to them in order that they might take back their party, win elections, and preserve American Exceptionalism for the next generation.

I graduated from the Intermediate Level in Thunder Pig's social media college, and will be putting those skills to use in an attempt to fill in for him. Mohican will be contributing posts also as he can find the time to do so.

I am married to a wonderful man named Jack and have twin girls I am homeschooling in order to instill them with the values my husband and I share, and to give them an education that is far superior to the drivel being taught in public schools. I know, because I went to public schools and had to put up with their socialist indoctrination.

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