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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is this is the Civility Democrats Seek?
Union Operative Sabotages Tea Party Sound System

Typical hate-filled sign held by Lefty Union members and Wisconsin Teachers as they marched and screamed with fury that their entitlements from the public teat were being threatened

I wonder if this is what Democrats mean when they say they want more civility in politics?
I wonder if this is what Democrats mean when they say they are more tolerant of dissent?
I wonder if this is what Democrats mean when they say Tea Partiers are violent?
(a Union Saboteur physically assaulted Tea Partiers when he was caught trying to destroy the sound system)

MADISON, Wisc. — Police officers in Madison detained and subsequently released a labor union operative who attempted, somewhat successfully, to destroy the speaker system at the Tea Party counter rally Saturday.

Police would not release the name of the man, or any more details, but eyewitnesses told The Daily Caller he ripped the wiring out of several different speaker systems. Part of the sound system went out for about five minutes.

When a Tea Partier, Luke Bacher, confronted the man ripping the speaker wiring out, Bacher said the man physically assaulted him. That caused police to get involved and detain the union operative.

Source: The Daily Caller


I think the video below tells even more about the story and what is behind the Lefty protests: They want a new revolution in this nation that will wipe away what our Founding Fathers fought for...

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