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Monday, June 25, 2012

Beware Who You Share Your Info With Online

Just got a call from the NC GOP Victory Office in Asheville using info I had given on Mitt Romney's website. The caller has no idea where my town was and thought it was close enough to Asheville to go make calls from there for Romney. (I live an hour away from Asheville)

I'm not happy that my info was shared with anyone. Even more so that it was shared with a NC GOP Victory Office. The Romney campaign might as well contract these calls out to the Democrat Party because the Victory Offices in North Carolina are next to useless.

Not to mention that I am extremely upset that my name and phone number were shared with the NC Victory Office organization. The Romney Campaign would serve itself very well if they avoided getting entangled with that organization.

I wanted to help the Romney Campaign, not the NC GOP Victory Offices.


Yes, I have shared my concerns with the Romney Campaign. I just thought it would be a public service to warn you that your information may be shared with your state party.

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