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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Franklin Town Board of Aldermen 09-04-2012

I goofed up and missed the last meeting of the Town Board of Aldermen and didn't even know there had been until someone posted a link one of the articles in the Macon County News about the meeting. Oops. I seem to have trouble covering the meetings of the Aldermen that are right after a federal holiday. Sometimes, they wait until the next Monday to meet, other times, they meet the very next Tuesday. The end result is that I miss some of them.

So, there will be no complete visual and audio record of the meeting posted for the public to watch/listen to. I apologize for missing the meeting.

Here is the agenda packet for the meeting:

Franklin Aldermen Agenda Packet for 09-04-2012
The Macon County News has partial coverage of the meeting spread out over several articles (I presume they'll post more in the next two or three weekly issues of their paper.

Here is what they've posted so far:

Apt. complex is expected to bring economic boost for Franklin community

Greenwood names new town manager

Town of Franklin to refinance loans

I will not link to the coverage of the meeting from The Franklin Press because they have a paywall up and those goes against everything I believe in regarding online news coverage...the news should be free...especially the news that covers the actions and meetings of the government. Most especially if that paper bills itself as "the paper of record".

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