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Friday, December 14, 2012

Facebook Suffers Service Disruption:
(alternatives to use when it goes down)

There has been a widespread service disruption this morning on Facebook.

I've been accessing the site via the Mobile log in, but have seen very little activity from other local people, so I'm guessing they don't know about the alternative method for using the social media website.

As a reminder for local people, I run a local news page called Macon Media (click here to see it) on Google Plus that mirrors the content I put on my two local Facebook news pages,  Macon County Public Safety, Road Conditions and Weather Updates (web/mobile) and Macon Media (web/mobile).

**update** 8:09am

It looks like Facebook is back up. So, in order to avoid any potential problems in getting up to date local news when this happens again (and you know it will, please bookmark the Google Plus Macon Media Page.

Shame on me for not getting the word out on the alternative source of local information earlier.