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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Duke LifePoint Holds Community Forum at Franklin Town Hall
UPDATE: Apollo Global Management to purchase Duke Lifepoint

**UPDATE** Duke Lifepoint is being purchased by for-profit Apollo Global Management Group. The selling price varies according to the news source.

Read more at the following locations:

WLOS-TV "LifePoint hospitals, including 3 in WNC, being sold" [LINK]

CNBC "Apollo to buy LifePoint in the latest billion-dollar private-equity bet on health care" [LINK]

Apollo Global Management [LINK]

Wikipedia [LINK]

Stock Price [LINK]

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Pictured: President and Chief Executive Officer of Harris Regional Hospital and Swain Community Hospital

The Town of Franklin sponsored a community forum for Duke LifePoint last night in the town hall. Steve Heatherly spoke about what Duke services Duke LifePoint had to offer the local community. Macon Media recorded video of the event.

Video of Forum

(media outlets with representatives present)

Macon Media (me)
Macon County News and Shopping Guide (2 people)
The Franklin Press
Blue Ridge Public Radio

Elected Critters

Bob Scott (Mayor, Franklin Town Council))
Brandon McHahan (Councilman, Franklin Town Council)


Harris Regional Hospital [LINK]
Harris Regional Hospital Medical Park of Franklin [LINK]
Duke LifePoint [LINK]

Formation of Duke LifePoint [LINK]


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Published at 4:55 am on July 12, 2018
Author Bobby Coggins