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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dress Warm to Protest Global Warming!

I wonder if these people realize how silly they look, protesting Global Warming in the snow? It's almost as if the weather actually gets colder when they gather, I think they'd be better off choosing late July and August to gather, and let the headlines report on the numbers that succomb to the heat bolster their claim, rather than what we are getting now. [See my headline for an idea]

With the sun having reached it's peak in the current solar cycle, we can expect the temperatures to start coming down in the next few years [the sooner the better!] as it follows the sunspot cycle to a new minimum. Will the Global Warmists still protest in waist-deep snow a decade from now? Or will they start to abandon the bankrupt Global Warming Theory to emphasize Pollution Control as the New Mantra despite the fact that the air is cleaner now than it has been since the Industrial Age got started?

I must remind the dear reader that most enivronmentalists are what is called on the outside, red on the inside. They are using Environmental concerns to push forth a socialist agenda that will destroy the very goose that laid the golden egg of our advanced civilization, and keeps us free from the tyrannies and socialist disasters abroad.

But, I digress...The Gateway Pundit has a delightful roundup of this weekend's global warming protests, and a video these idiots actually posted on the internet of them in the snow!

Somebody should advise these activists to not eat the yellow snow!