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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Conservative Groups Counter-Protest "Code Pink" in Smithfield

Smithfield NC -- A large protest, and a larger counter-protest caused local police to be out in full-force today here. Yet, no violence occured. Harsh words were lobbied to and fro but in the end, the event ended just as it began, passion-filled and peacefully.

Katy's Conservative Corner has a number of interviews, both with the Code Pink and Victims of Torture protestors, along with counter-protestors from a Gathering of Eagles and Rolling Thunder. Up to 40 different groups were represented.

Eric M. Weaver, Sr. and your blogger covered all the action. Watch the interviews here, and look for more reporting and photos soon.

Source Article: Katy's Conservative Corner

Related: Troy LaPlante was there, so he may have something up later.

I'm looking for more info from the FReepers, I may have more to add later.


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