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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Media and Congressional Assistance to the Jihad

The News Media, and the Left (But I Repeat Myself !), have been seeking ways to undermine the war effort against the jihadis since it began. They are continuing their tradition to assist the enemy just like during the Third World War (The Cold War) by many means. They have denied it was a war, they have blamed us, they have attempted to deny funding for the war, they have smeared our troops, and any who support them and their mission.

I have long asserted that Haditha was a hoax, that our soldiers acted bravely. The Media, and Ally in the Jihad Against the West, Congressman Jack Murtha, have told bald-faced lies about our fine soldiers. I have repeatedly called Jihadi Murtha's Office, and asked when he was going to apologize for taking part in operations against our government. I usually get hung up on within a minute or so.

Now, a movie is going to be released from an Artsy Lefty about Haditha:

No surprise who the villain will be: Marines. He told Time Out magazine, "Their (Marines') standard operating procedure rules are so f---ing hard-core. If, for example, a house is described as 'hostile,' then you just kill everyone in the house. It doesn't matter if it contains 2-year-olds or the elderly."

Since there's an investigation under way, Broomfield won't use real names. He says he wants to be fair to the Marines; I say he doesn't want to get sued. This true regisseur (regisseur is what you call a director who makes movies that only students attending film school will voluntarily sit through) views a greater cause from his humble masterpiece. A bigger picture, if you will.

"I think there have been lots of Hadithas, and there are lots of Hadithas every year."

The screen goes black, violins play and the credits roll.

But this is where reality and entertainment part ways because there are so many details that would ruin the good vs. evil plot. Broomfield probably won't tell you the previously mentioned "young journalism student" was actually a 46-year-old founder of a new "human rights group" that only had one other member. Or that the video of the "massacre" was handed over to the press four months after it was shot.

A high-drama film may not want to mention that the Time Out magazine writer, Tim McGirk, refused to testify during the Marines' hearing, possibly because his testimony under oath could make him and his publication liable for legal action. Former Marine and Rep. John Murtha himself will have to answer directly to a judge for his public comments.

"They actually went into the houses and killed women and children," the Pennsylvania congressman said. Murtha has yet to acknowledge that the majority of Marines have already been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Just to show how committed the director is to accuracy, Broomfield will shoot "The Battle for Haditha" in neighboring Jordan.

"We didn't go to Haditha itself; it was too dangerous," he explained.

Of course, the danger will not come from the Marines Broomfield will smear in his film, but more likely from the type of people who got shot during the alleged "massacre," or as Broomfield calls them, the heroes of the story.

"I'm sure it happens on a lesser scale every single day," Broomfield told a journalist. The British director may already see himself clutching an Oscar for best foreign film, even if only a handful of theaters show his work.

Surprisingly, the people of Haditha remember a different massacre than the man who has never actually visited the city. In 2005, terrorists assaulted a police station, led 20 police officers to a soccer field, placed them on their knees and shot each one in the back of the head.

Witnesses said the executioners removed the heads from the bodies and then kicked them around like soccer balls. The public killing of the officers were just the tip of the iceberg. Terrorists had previously killed the mayor, his son, a police chief and three members of his family. The script for this Haditha massacre will never be written, because for the artists who have a point to prove about truth and justice, fantasy is a lot more entertaining.

Source Article: Matt Sanchez

That is just one of the many examples of a Media ready, willing, and able to assist the jihadis in their Jihad Against the West. CNN will blur photos of a cartoon for fear of provoking typical Muslim rage, and their machinations to expose the hiding place of an artist to their ally jihadis:

The blurred-out drawing shown above is the one that first appeared in print in Sweden, in the newspaper Nerikes Allehanda. You can see the full image at right in situ, which we have here thanks to the quick thinking of Carpenter, who scanned it and sent it to us on August 22nd, the day it hit the newsstands.

But this wasn’t the first Modoggie to appear; there were plenty before the one printed by Nerikes Allehanda. This one was #6 of the drawings I collected, and I didn’t borrow all of them. As I predicted, the trouble didn’t start until a Modoggie found its way into the MSM. Ever since then that particular one, #6, has continued to be the focus of Islamic outrage and the attention of the Western media.

I can’t improve on the conclusion that Allahpundit draws from this whole affair:

See what’s going on here? After the disgraceful western media blackout of the Danish cartoons, CNN obviously felt it had to make some gesture towards showing the viewers the offending work. But not only didn’t they have the balls to show the offending part, they were sufficiently worried about being accused of, ahem, “Islamophobia” for the part that they did show that they went ahead and put up the drawing of Christ — which has nothing to do with the threat to Vilks — just to prove that they’re equal opportunity offenders.

So they blur out a Rondellhund drawing, but they prominently display the name of the town that Lars Vilks is “hiding” in. Three cheers for journalistic integrity!

Source Article: The Gates of Vienna

There are so many examples in the blogosphere of MAJ, or Media Assistance to the Jihad, that I have included an entire section in today's West Carolina Report along with my usual twin focus on Foreign Jihad and Domestic Jihad. I usually include American Media efforts in the jihad in the Domestic Jihad category, and Foreign Media (BBC. al Jazeera, al-Reuters) in the Foreign Jihad Category.

I suspect I will soon have to include a category enititled Congressional Assistance to the Jihad, or for a shorter ( and more appropriate) title, The Mujahadeen of Murtha. I could use a photo of a hijab-wearing Pelosi sandwiched between the Islamic Rage Boy and an Enraged Murtha...all shouting "Allahu-Ackbar!"

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Never forget that the Left (including the Media) wants us to lose this war very badly, and will tell any lie, over report set backs, or ignore good news in order to get that accomplished. Part of their strategy includes attacking those with big enough megaphones (Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, LGF, David Horowitz, etc) that are working to expose their lies.

This is part of the reason I have re-arranged my life so that I go to bed around 8pn and wake up between 2am and 3am nearly every morning: to seek out and report on news that the Media wish to suppress, to report on what they are twisting, to find links to others who are doing a far better job at it than I ever could. I post those links as headlines Drudge-style at West Carolina Report, and expand on some here at Thunder Pig when appropriate. I subscribe to over a thousand blogs, and nearly 400 news sources in various online readers in an effort to do an end-run around my molasses-speed dial-up, and in an attempt to stand at the firehose of data...trying to spoon out relevant data ignored or discarded by the Lefty Media-types.


It is time we recognize, name, and expose the enemy in our midst. Our very survival depends upon it, and I will be unveiling anew tool this winter that will be very useful to those who love Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

Stay Tuned!