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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The New Bolsheviks Atempt Censorship

Ever notice that when Democrats are presented with ideas they can't oppose, they try to shut up, strangle, or otherwise kill the messenger?

Over the past week, we've seen them attack Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and now the Carolina Stompers:

RALEIGH — A group of Buncombe County conservatives, fresh from getting statewide notice for racially charged criticism of a Democratic fundraiser, has itself become a target.

The state Board of Elections said it is investigating whether the Carolina Stompers should be registered as a political committee.

The chairman of the state Democratic Party, Jerry Meek, said he filed a campaign finance complaint Sept. 26 that prompted the review. The group of Republicans should have to disclose how it collects and spends money, he said.

“Who’s supporting this group, and why aren’t they obeying the law like every other political organization has to?” Meek asked.
Source: Asheville Citizen-Times


Attention, Mr. Meek...have you ever read the lefty blogs, and seen the fundraising attempts there? Be careful what you wish for!


Are you equating obeying the law with censorship?

Do Stompers not have to follow the law because they can play victim when told that it applies to them?

Your violin playing and drumbeating is ridiculous.

Defend Rush! Defend Stompers! Call Democrats Socialist, Communist, Witches, and suckers!

You can have all the free speech you want, but it won't make you look any less crazy to use it.

No one's trying to shut people up. We're just obeying those pesky elections laws. Your beef is with the law, and here I was thinking you're a law and order guy.

My bad.

Taking a page from Media Matters, eh? I never called Democrats Witches. Although I do suspect witches would vote for a democrat over a republican, all other things being equal.

Free Speech is under assault, primarily because the left CANNOT compete with the right in a free and open society. That is why they are always shouting down conservative speakers, and why they bully radio hosts every chance they get, and they hope at least to put a chill on other people...making them afraid to speak.

Well, we have had ENOUGH, and we are all (on the right) crying out, "I am Spartacus, take me!."

Make no Mistake, President Hillary Clinton WILL do her dead-level best to re-enact the Fairness Doctrine...and when that happens, all hell will break loose.

The Fairness Doctrine is an Abomination, and will not be tolerated.

McCain-Feingold is unconstitutional, and must be overturned, even if we have to start this country all over again.

We still have the reboot button on the constituion...the second amendment.