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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Carolina Stompers Launch Campaign to Destroy a Poltical Opponent

Here is just a taste from their website:

Dear Mrs. Strach,

It has come to our attention that a “Notice Of Noncompliance” had been issued to the 11th Congressional District Republican Committee on February 26, 2008. On April 8, 2008 a “Notice Of Termination Of Active Status” had been issued to 11th CDRC. Then two letters of “Notice Of Penalty Assessment” were issued on May 22 and July 21 of 2008. One for $100.00 the other for $150.00.

It has also come to our attention that approximately $10,000.00 was raised and funds were distributed for the April 25th 2009 11th CDR Convention.

According to Chapter 1.0104(d) of Title 8 of the NC Administrative Code the 11th CDRC is ineligible to receive or make contributions until such time as any delinquent reports are filed and has satisfied any statutory penalty incurred as a result of noncompliance with the provisions of Article 22A of Chapter 163 of the NC General Statutes.

Source: Carolina Stompers


This saddens me that I am forced to expose a little of the political maneuverings that have gone on behind the scenes. People are (and have been) using transparency as a weapon in an attempt to destroy others, especially in Buncombe County.

I know a little something about what is gone on behind the scenes between Chad Nesbitt, Don Yelton, and others that they set their sights on to destroy because they either have not supported them or their candidate for particular offices. In fact, Carolina Stomper Don Yelton ran against Steve Duncan at the most recent NC-11 GOP District Convention, and Richard Bernier, a business partner of Don Yelton's, [US Web Talk Radio] [Web Snapshot] [Whois lookup] questioned the transparency of the Treasurer's Report there also. Did he know something then? Why did he not share it with the convention in an effort to promote transparency? Does this sound familiar? Some of the very same people have been involved in a long series of controversies at URTV in Asheville.

This is, in my opinion, part of a power grab and a punishment they are trying to mete out against the chair of the NC-11 GOP, Steve Duncan.

After Chad Nesbitt was the victim of a similar Jerry Meeks lawfare campaign designed to shut down the Stompers, I thought Chad would not stoop to such a tactic...especially in the light of attempts to foster party unity yesterday at the NCGOP Convention.

I am saddened by this, and will be opposing it with every means at my disposal, putting myself in the line of fire for the personal attacks that I know will be their first line of attack.

Shame on the Carolina Stompers.

I have been a supporter of Chad Nesbitt and the Carolina Stompers because I saw their efforts in the housing projects to help people, their production of commercials that exposed the hypocrisy of Democrats and their most recent efforts to make a video every week that injected humor into news sharing. I recognized them by calling Chad Nesbitt as the WNC Conservative of the Year for 2008. [link to Carolina Stomper articles on Thunder Pig]

I, too, am not afraid to call things like I see it.

There are some things you should know that are driving this action that should be out in the open for everyone to know.

I am saddened that it has come to this...and I feel compelled to make my stand here.

Stay tuned. This could get ugly.

**7.39am 6-16-2009**

Some people have tried to make like there is a schism between me and the Stompers. Not so. We just happen to disagree on this issue and I still intend to promote the other fine work these guys and gals are doing. I abide by the 80% rule of Ronald Reagan...unlike others in our party.

I've even been known to work with the Ronulans and Progressives when our goals more or less are the same.


What saddens myself is the that you have been advised of infomation about my reasons why I asked the question of the transparency but failed to follow up & report this in your blog.

If you or even a board members of URTV Public Access TV has issues with transparency then this is a case for a red flag & none that needs to be addressed.

Now, I am sadden in your lack of follow up after several days of having this info being provided yto you which is somthing that we can expect from the media here in WNC but your failure to report this is just sad since you & other like to use this term.

This was nothing more than pie in the sky without taking the time to find facts instead of nothing more than a badly spin job.

Richard Bernier
Co-owner & proud member of
the BCGOP.