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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The John Batchelor Show for 06-14-2009

It's Sunday night, and that means it's time for John Batchelor!

Here is his website.

The show starts at 7pm Eastern, and continues for six hours of the best radio you will find anywhere, as only John Batchelor can deliver it with his stable of experts...

And here is where you can listen to the show live online:

New York, WABC-AM 770 7-10PM ET;
Washington DC, WMAL-AM 630 7-9PM ET;
San Francisco, KSFO-AM 560;
Los Angeles,KFI-AM 640;

And here is where you can find the podcasts of the show: the first three hours, and the last three hours.

Schedule for Tonight: (all six hours are on the same link now)

The first two hours are below to whet your appetite:

Combined Simulcasts: "Rx America" and "Loose Nukes" Special.

705P Eastern Time: Laura Meckler, Wall Street Journal, re Obama Stumps for a Public Insurance Option - Obama reiterated his support for a public health-insurance option, and said he will soon detail plans for new savings that could fund part of the expensive overhaul.

ask for two phone #s and email contact.

720P Eastern Time: Laura Litvan, Bloomberg, House Democrats are weighing health care overhaul legislation that would require Americans to have health insurance, with some exceptions, according to an outline circulating in Washington. Democrats Will Discuss Health-Care Plan as Republicans Step Up Resistance

735P Eastern Time: Roundtable, John Tamny,, Aaron Task, Yahoo Finance, Tom Donlon, Barron's, re Bernanke Success May Come at Cost of Congress Curbing Fed Power: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke's success in stabilizing the financial system through unprecedented use of the central bank's powers may come at the cost of Congress limiting some of that authority in the future.

Citigroup Bailout Pays Taxpayers Three Times as Much as S&P 500: U.S. taxpayers have reaped a 7.5 percent return on the $45 billion used to rescue Citigroup Inc., more than three times as much as if the money had been invested in the Standard & Poor's 500 Index.

750P Eastern Time: Lehman Spars With Barclays in $6 Million Dispute Over Desks, Chairs: Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., nine months after selling its brokerage to Barclays Plc while in bankruptcy, is still in disputes with the British bank over who owns what, including the investment bank's own furniture.

805P Eastern Time: Fred Burton, author, "Ghost: Confessions of a Couterterrorism Agent," re the trial of Mohammed Ghailani in New York City.

820P Eastern Time; John Anderson, author, "Follow the Money," re the Torture Memos at the DOJ, re the ongoing legal maze with regard the GITMO detainees.

835P Eastern Time: Larry Tye, author "Satchel Paige: The Life and Times of an American Legend."

850P Eastern Time: Lou Ann Hammond, re Chrysler panics at the arrival of Fiat, re GM prexy from outer space.
905P Eastern Time: Evan Perez, Wall Street Journal, re Miranda Issues Cloud Gitmo Cases

A Pentagon decision to not advise Guantanamo Bay prisoners of their rights during questioning could prove a big legal obstacle. Gitmo Detainee Pleads Not Guilty

920P Eastern Time: Malcolm Hoenlein, Conference of Presidents, re the West Bank settlements and the Obama administration, re Netanyahu's speech answering the Obama administration, re Iran Poremkin poll, re Israeli Minister Calls Iran a Threat.