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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Thunder Tech

Here is the latest edition in my occasional Thursday series on technology:

I'll start it off by noting that Windows 7 will be cheaper than Vista. I just hope it doesn't suck as much as Vista. (I returned my copy of Vista and am happily using XP). Here is a list of prices.

A sign of the times? It costs advertisers more to run an ad during The Simpson on Hulu than on TV.

I found a helpful list of 100 essential web tools for those with a side business.

Do you make phone calls over the Internet? If not, this article might convince you to start.

A video report concerning CNN's iReport and Iran:

It appears that Flash Games are
being monetized.

I am convinced that the Associated Press is run by the most profound idiots on the planet. Here is a snippet that has blown me away:

Now, however, the AP has released "staff guidelines" for how to use social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, and there are some highly questionable rules there. The one getting the most attention -- for good reason -- is the bizarre and troubling demand that those who use Facebook not only have to watch their own language, but the language of any friend that posts a comment on their Facebook "wall." Seriously. They want AP employees to comb through any comments that friends/family/etc. post on their wall -- and if they "violate AP standards: any such material should be deleted." It's difficult to fathom how this could possibly make sense and isn't a huge burden for AP employees as well as obnoxious to their friends and family. Does the AP also tell its employees that when out to dinner with friends, they must "shush" them if their friends say anything not up to "AP standards"?

Source: TechDirt

Seriously, newspapers and websites...just stop carrying AP material. I actively avoid reading the stuff.

China (a nation that routinely murders it's own people) has accused Google of "spreading vulgar content". Really.

Here's good news, Full HD (1080i) is coming to a cell phone near you.

And, in another sign that the apocalypse is near, you can now cook a pizza in your car with a cigarette lighter powered oven. For $36, you can't lose!!!