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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Answering Machine Attacks and the Asheville City Council

Someone sent me this audio anonymously, but I guess they got tired of waiting on me to write up a post about it, so they went ahead and posted it online...then sent me the link to where they had uploaded it. 

So, here is what I had prepared to provide context for the audio. I had more research to do, but I'm walking away from the project since they've posted it online elsewhere...

LTE in Asheville Citizen-Times dated Oct 5, 2011

Cecil Bothwell has, in my opinion, once again showed his total ignorance as to how a small business might work. Since he has never developed a successful business of his own, and loves to see his name in print, he decided to attack Jan Davis for providing tire service for the ABC vehicle fleet. He has retracted his statements, but I feel his intent to smear the good name of Davis was obvious. Mr. Bothwell, along with the new slate of left leaning progressive candidates for council, do not reflect the mainstream of thinking for the majority of Asheville citizens. Candidate Lael Gray has stated that automobiles need to be eliminated from city streets. Asheville voters need to ask candidates Pelly, Gray, and Hunt one simple question. “What portion of the city budget do they plan to cut in order to pay for their special agendas during the economic downturn?” Will it be police, firefighters, or basic city services? Or will higher taxes be their agenda?

Dr. Joe Dunn, Asheville
Dunn is a former Asheville city councilman

The above LTE generated a response from Cecil Bothwell, which was sent to me anonymously:

Download MP3

It also generated a response from fellow progressive Lael Gray in the Mountain Xpress.

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