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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Religious Bigotry in the Republican Party

It pains me to have to go on the record to report bigotry and hatred within my own political party, even by some who claim to be my co-religionists. The only way to get rid of this stuff is to shine a light on it. I want these cockroaches to scurry back into the hole they came from...

I've never seen such religious bigotry and hatred in an election as I have in this Republican primary. My guess is my fellow Republicans have never read the US Constitution. Or, if they have, considered it "just words" on a piece of paper and that the ideas contained therein do apply to them.

Here is a quote from Article VI of that same document:

" religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States."

I realize that people have the right to personally apply whatever litmus test, including religious ones, in choosing who they will cast a ballot for in elections. But some of these people are trying to imply to people that their vote may cause people to go to Hell.

What set me off was a blog that quoted a statement by Robert Jeffries (a pastor who supported Rick Perry for President) in a post entitled "Why Christians Should Not Vote for Romney", I have excerpted part of it below:

"I think before a Christian could vote for someone who embraced a false religion such as Mormonism, he would need to carefully consider the eternal consequences that electing such a leader could have in legitimizing a false religion and, therefore, endangering the eternal destinies of those who might choose that leader’s religion.” (Robert Jeffress)

I left a comment, which is awaiting moderation from the blog owner. I have posted a screenshot of my comment on that blog to TwitPic in case the blogowner or blogposter does not approve my comment, click here to see it.

John Scrhoeder relays information that Newt Gingrich is campaigning on anti-Mormonism and Sarah Palin (or her staff) is removing any pro-Mormon comments or comments defending religious freedom from her facebook wall, but allowing anti-Mormon comments to stay.

Here are some links to people telling Christians not to vote for Romney because he is a Mormon:

Why Christians Should Not Vote for Romney

Pastor: If You Love Jesus, Don't Vote for Mormon Mitt Romney

The GOP debate over Mormonism breaks into open


Here is an interview with Bryan Hall from C-SPAN. His documentary film Article VI: Faith. Politics. America looks at the influence of religion on politics, as well as the challenge that voters face in trying to balance their core beliefs and their political vote.


Please, people...think about what you are saying and writing. You are writing things that go against the very nature of Christianity and what America stands for. 

I am a Christian and I believe that unless Mitt Romney repents and accepts Christ's sacrifice on the cross as the only way to receive forgiveness for his sins, then he will go to Hell and eventually spend eternity in the Lake of Fire. That does not mean I can not vote for him or, if I do, that I will be held responsible for those who become Mormons because Romney is elected President. That's madness. It's hate and it is preaching bigotry and I will take a stand against it. You people have allowed Satan to whisper in your ear and have heeded his words. Repent of that. 

If Romney is the nominee of our party (and I believe that he will be) I will vote for him over Obama because his political views more closely align with mine.

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I agree and would like to add that Christians should use the election of Mitt Romney as an opportunity to spread the Gospel of Christ to more people, not with hate, but with love.

I am for Rick Santorum
You can make calls for Rick from home, too! I am.

I will be voting for the party nominee in November.