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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Republican Debates So Far

I found an interesting table this morning that shows the estimated number of people who watched each of the Republican Primary debates and decided to post it here...embedding links into it that lead to full videos of each of them.

Click on the date in order to watch the full debate.

DebateNetworkTotal ViewersA25-54
Jan. 16Fox News5,475,0001,573,000
Jan. 8NBC/MSNBC4,715,0001,649,000
Jan. 7ABC6,250,0001,730,000
Dec. 15Fox News6,713,0001,865,000
Dec. 10ABC7,630,0002,100,000
Nov. 22CNN3,599,0001,041,000
Nov. 12CBS5,480,0001,520,000
Nov. 9CNBC3,332,000993,000
Oct. 18CNN5,468,0001,651,000
Oct. 11BloombergNANA
Sept. 22Fox News6,107,0001,701,000
Sept. 12CNN3,600,0001,100,000
Sept. 7MSNBC5,411,0001,728,000
Aug. 11Fox News5,053,0001,430,000
June 13CNN3,162,000918,000
May 5Fox News3,258,000854,000

Source for table: Media Bistro

I was very disappointed in the low numbers that watched each debate. Such is the nature of our society, every one complains about politics, but no one really pays any attention to it in any detail.

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