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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mark Meadows Wins Runoff Election
Margin of Victory 76.32% to 23.68%

Precinct-level map of last night's results (larger image)
**note** Thanks to Jason Chappell for notifying me of a grievous error in the map.

Mark Meadows won the second primary in the US House of Representatives race in the 11th Congressional district yesterday by a very wide margin, taking 15 of the 17 counties. Those number are below:

Unofficial tally of the Meadows vs Patterson race (larger image)

Vance Patterson conceded the race early, the first twitter report of that coming in around 9pm.

The results here in Macon County were much the same as in the rest of the district, with Meadows taking 84.11% of the vote and sweeping the 15 precincts in the county.

Results of the Meadows vs Patterson race in Macon County (larger image)

The results in the rest of the races can be viewed on the North Carolina Board of Elections website.

Now, the task becomes winning the Congressional race in the fall.

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