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Monday, October 8, 2012

Franklin TDA Board Retreat 10-08-2012

**10.30pm** The video of tonight's meeting is still uploading but should be available for vewing by 11.30pm.

The Franklin Tourism Development Authority will not be having a regular meeting this month. Instead, they will be having a board retreat at the same place and time that they regularly meet. An agenda has not been provided to me, so I cannot share one with you.

I will be there to record the meeting and will be providing nearly live play by pay on Google Plus [LINK]. I will post the video of the meeting as soon as I can.

**5:34pm** Here is a copy of an agenda that I received before the meeting. Any errors in transcription are mine.

Town of Franklin Tourism Development Athority

Board Retreat, October 8, 2012

I. Board Membership
a. Review current membership, requirements of Session Law 2004-105
b. Upcoming vacancies, appointments procedure

II. Officers
a. Discuss need to elect Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary at next regular meeting.
b. Application Review Committee - Chair
c. Finance and Budget Committee - Chair
d. Policy and Procedures Committee - Chair

III. Funds reqest procedure
a. Review current procedure
b. Discuss time needed to review
c. Discuss adding insurance requirement on funding reqest form
d. Time requirement for grant application presentations
e. Review current forms

IV. Legal review
a. Open meetings law
b. Public records law
c. Discuss role of Chief Operating Officer
d. Consider blanket insrance requirement

V. Finances
a. Review budgeting process
b. Discussion of financial statements
c. Reserve funds - procedure for access, consider specifying in bylaws

VI. Other discussion as needed

VII. Adjourn

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